The Christmas’ Eve dinner

In every country you go, there are customs to find. Italy is rich of culinary culture and traditions, let’s discover some of them together.

On Christmas Eve, in some regions of Italy, there’s the tradition not to eat any meat but fish instead. Sometimes no food is eaten during the day as this is a fasting, awaiting for the holy night.

The reason is linked with the birth of Child Jesus  and no eating meal during the day means giving respect, worship and sacrifice on his name.

Another reason for not to eat meat on Christmas Eve, is related to the fact that meat once was very expensive a lot and not everyone could afford to buy it.

Thankfully times did evolve from then, but traditions remain unchanged. This day has been celebrated with different festive recipes from north to south: stuffed pasta, fish, baccalà, panettone tower above all the Italians table, as well as Christmas tree and the present’s exchange.

Let’s get the Party started!

The festive celebrations start at lunch time or dinner.  What makes the difference is that every region has a different traditional plate to bring.

On early morning of the 24th December,  while the children are playing with cards and popular  traditional table games, older adults get the control of the kitchen. Everybody is in charge to prepare something and a common indoor kitchen suddenly transforms in a professional restaurant kitchen area. It doesn’t matter how small the kitchen is.

Every family has one more skilled family member who is improvising Gino D’acampo and shows his way to ‘how to cut the garlic’ or ‘ how to wash the mussels’; everyone has one nonna  or mamma who is the unquestionable Queen of kitchen.

New generations of Italians become more and more interested to the fine cooking and bring novelty to the magic of traditional plates.

And when you sit around the table, you already get sentimental that one part of the  fun cooking night has already ended, but one new, vivid and colourful is coming.

The smells rise up and you can smell the heart, passion and our Italian tradition.

Seafood and Sardine starters, followed by pasta with eels’ or mussels’ sauce, baccalà,  and fried capitone and octopus, are a must on Italian tables for Christmas Eve. All accompanied with good wine, infinite chit chat, music and good laugh.

Fruits and dry fruits remind us that the dinner is about to end but not without having a delicious tiramisu’ and panettone of any type.

As Italians, we all make our effort to prepare in our unique decorated tables and memorable and heavenly cooked plates and together we are giving our hand to make the Eve long and cheerful.

A Delita Christmas’ Eve dinner

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Best wishes from Team Delita!