A time of change.

We all remember our Christmas day on 2020.

It was the day of restrictions, the day of nostalgic video calls, online thousands wishes to parents and friends and social distancing.

Pandemic changed our way to live for better or worse and changed the way to meet people. Technology has extended the boundaries, breaking the distances and brought people together with only a click.

However this “new normal” gave us the opportunity to give a second chance to ourself and starting over again. We changed our lifestyle, our habits and we learnt how to really care about us. True love begins with ourselves.

It’s the moment to give us a chance to give us quality. We deserve it, we really do.

A new attention to food quality, safety and health.

We are right now all witnesses of a changing world, and people are becoming aware of their own needs. Particular attention is paid to detail, how we spend our time, with whom we spend our time, what we eat.

Food became an even more fundamental moment of the day to cuddle ourselves, learn to love and respect the world around us.

This self-love started from healthy, nutritious and safe food, to bring to our tables and to our families. It became more and more important to know what we put in our plates.

Festive days perhaps won’t anymore be the most stressful days of the year, for whose has chosen to cook for our families! You might no need anymore you to get up at 6 am to start preparing the food or find yourself queuing to your closest food shop to get the last ingredient you forgot to buy.

Pre-prepared Gourmet Meals become an opportunity to do things you never have thought to do on this festive period, spending more time with your family and friends.

No rush, cancel the stress and reset your alarm tomorrow morning.

Gourmet meals, if created with no preservatives and additives, respecting your body and the environment, become the chance to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Provided you chose the right ones.

By choosing Delita you choose to bring to the table tradition of delicious plates, taste, quality and care for your body.

Reduce the time in cooking, enjoy Festive days with quality and you will start to feel the spirit of this season in a way you never did.


Happy Holidays from Delita