We’ve been through a very hard moment, we faced something that no one could ever imagined. We worked hard to maintain safe the nation.

We being locked indoor for months.

We renounced to our habits for the sake of the people around us.

We lost our birthdays’ celebrations, anniversaries’, festivities.

But tonight we all must celebrate us for our strengths and our lives.

We must celebrate, not only because is the the last day of the year but most of all because we did it, we made it. We’ve been holding our hands to fight the hardest battle ever.

And I must say thank you to you all.

And now rise you glass up and let’s cheer for the new year coming.

We want to be optimistic and  give a supportive streak.

Tonight we want to toast our courage and unite and triumph in a large “Cheeeers!!” after a gruelling struggle that has lasted long and long. So let’s raise our glasses tonight and let’s enjoy the best moments together with our loved ones and our close friends.

Delita has accompanied you in this last part of the year and for next year it aims in a continuous improvement of its products with  a constant attention to the quality of the food and sustainability of its products.

We have a lot in our pipelines, being new products, new sustainable packagings, new experiences.

We aim to be soon even more available through our current channels, like our web site, our Partners like Cosaporto Uk, and new additions to our Retail availability. We can’t wait to share with you all our novelties for next year!

We wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve and we hope we can accompany your everyday life in your dishes with our products.


Eva, Daniel and the entire Delita Team.