The excitement of Wimbledon 2022 is gathering all of Britain together again , as the world’s greatest players prepare to descend on the All England Club. The tournament started on the 27th June to 10th July. 

Unsure of how to Celebrate the tournament? Delita has now entered the match with a serving of a variety of different dishes for you to enjoy. What is better than watching Wimbledon live on your TV with a glass of red and a Delita dish to calm the nerves? 

Say prestige, say Wimbledon

Wimbledon is one of the oldest and arguably the most prestigious tennis events in the world dated back to 1877. It’s an ongoing event that London has had the privilege of hosting throughout the years. 

A lot of Celebrities, Royals and Politicians come and experience the beauty of the tournament by wearing lavish outfits and have a special box where they are accompanied by other important members of society. 

There are five main events:

  1. Gentlemen’s Singles
  2. Ladies’ Singles
  3. Gentlemen’s Doubles
  4. Ladies’ Doubles
  5. Mixed Doubles.

Wimbledon’s History

The first ever Wimbledon torment took place on the 9th July 1877 where only males were allowed to compete. However, It wasn’t until 1884 when they introduced Ladies’ Singles. 

Sadly, Wimbledon in the past has been postponed on more than one occasion. 

  • World War I
  • World War II due to the bomb struck during the Blitz where the corner of the centre court was damanaged. 
  • In 1946, when the competition was next held, 1,200 seats were lost due to the damage of the War.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Fun facts

  1. Over 140,00 portions of strawberries and cream are served over the course of the tournament.
  2. The longest match at Wimbledon lasted for 11 hours, and was played over the course of three days. 
  3. Wimbledon used to use white tennis balls but unfortunately people couldn’t see the ball on television so they had to change the colour to yellow. 
  4. Over 50,000 balls are used throughout the competition and often kept in a refrigerator before being used to keep them in perfect condition.

Invitations to Wimbledon

Wondering how you can see the matches? Well, most tickets to Wimbledon are sold through a ballot, and attendees are picked randomly through a computer. However, If you are feeling lucky some seats are often left available for people to queue up on the day or sometimes they queue overnight. 

Where can you watch in the UK?

Wimbledon is on throughout the whole week and is live across BBC TV, radio and online with extensive coverage on BBC IPlayer. 

Enjoy Wimbledon with Delita!

The finale is this weekend so it’s time to put all your favourite dishes in Delita’s court so you are all prepared for the big weekend!


Good luck to all Wimbledon Players!