Did someone say a ‘Delita Garden Party?’ – We have been extremely lucky with the weather that it was impossible to not throw a Garden Party with all your favourite Delita dishes.

With our help, we can guide you through the perfect Garden Party with a Delita twist. All your family and friends will definitely be knocking on your door to come see you host the perfect party all summer long.

Firstly we need to talk about the dishes? Delita has a variety of dishes that can be served with any beverages from a delicious wine or a simple cool drink.

At Delita we made sure that every dish is suitable for everyone. We have categories dishes into three options:

  1. Pasta
  2. Meat
  3. Fish
  4. Vegetarian

We also recommend that you have a look at our ‘Discovery Bundles’ where Delita have selected a range of different products for you to choose from.
But if you already have some products in mind or you are contemplating which to choose, Delita has picked out a few that could be top notch.

Delita’s Picks

  1. Pumpkin Ravioli with sausage sauce and fava beans
  2. Cheese anolini with aubergines sauce
  3. Pork collar stuffed with apricot with ‘giardiniera’ picked vegetables.
  4. Braised Cabbage
  5. Strawberries’ Delitamisu

Must needs at a Garden Party

  1. Pick a stable place in the garden for your party table
  2. Provide shade from the sunshine
  3. Decorations (plenty of them!)
  4. Protect your guests from garden pests
  5. Plan party table decorations to match the garden
  6. Provide party music in the garden
  7. Hang party decorations in trees


  1. Fun drinking game
  2. Giant Jenga
  3. Pictionary
  4. Dance challenges
  5. Guess who
  6. Karaoke

Finally, you don’t need a large garden to host a party. The most important thing is to create a welcoming atmosphere that’ll make your guests feel comfortable.

Hurry up, order now!

You have still time to receive Delita before the party starts!