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As you may have seen from our home page, and maybe some social media posts, Delita will be opening soon a crowdfunding with Seeds.

When we started our journey last year, we were far to think we would be in the great position to entice the attention of the biggest crowdfunding company in the UK.

We started our Delita adventure from a simple passion: our love for Italian food and our desire to bring it to the Uk consumer in a convenient, sustainable, and fresh way.

Fast forward 1 year..

  1. Our web site was open and made visible to more than 2,7 million consumers in the UK through our social media.
  2. Delita received more than 10 positive reviews in the main magazines and newspapers (Hello, the Guardian, On in London, Arcadia, to mention only few).
  3. We gained the attention of many food bloggers for our quality and food creativity.
  4. We are suppliers to more than 7 deli shops and restaurants in Greater London.

But especially we are happily delivering our authentic Italian food message:

‘You don’t need to be a chef, you don’t need to spend long time cooking or a lot of money in a fancy restaurant, to have on your table everyday restaurant-like chef-made authentic Italian cuisine!’

Our path for growth

To kick off our growth we invited private investors, who believed in our vision, to join our journey. We have now 6 investors onboard, experienced professionals in F&B, Finance, Legal affairs, Branding. Some of them, coming from big multinationals (i.e. Nespresso) joined our Board of Directors.

However, because Italian food is about sharing an experience, we are offering now to everyone, who believes in our work and is passioned for Italian food, to buy equity in our business.

We would love you can share in our mission and be a part of our future!

Here’s how it works:
1. Click HERE and visit our landing page, to join the priority investor’s list
2. Fill out your details
3. We’ll email you as soon as the campaign goes live!

What makes Delita different?

You may ask yourself ‘what Delita can bring on the table more and differently from the other ready meals’ Brands?’ Well, it is very simple:

  1. The best of the chef-made authentic Italian cuisine
  2. Ready to eat in few minutes
  3. Gourmet meals that can stay in your fridge for weeks, so you can pick them up at your leisure but..
  4. They don’t contain any preservative or additive (yes, it is true, look at our ingredients’ list in our Menu!)
  5. Icing on the cake: our packagings are fully reusable and recyclable

Check our ABOUT US page to discover more about Delita’s philosophy.

Want to know more directly from our CEO, Eva Pederzini?

If you want to discover more about Delita, our origins, our ethos, our relation with our current investors, how we face the competitors in the markets, look at the videos below. They are extracts of an interview that Delita’s CEO, Eva Pederzini, did recently with The Italian Foodpreneur.

How can a small start-up compete with the very large food corporations?

How to work with your investors?

Why being the CEO/founder of a start-up is the ultimate out-of-comfort zone?


For the full video click on the link below:


We are on a mission to make delicious Italian food accessible to everyone, are you coming with us?

Click HERE and visit our landing page, to join the priority investor’s list.