Since the 1980s, ready-made foods have quickly become a key component in the diet of many countries.

Despite the widespread, many ready-made products, having high content of preservatives, pose a health risk.

The spread of convenience foods

At the turn of the 70s and 80s, the spread of the first microwave ovens, faster than the classic ovens, pushed many food companies to launch on the market different types of pre-cooked dishes, dedicated to new types of ovens and ready in a few minutes.

Over the next few years, these products were made more accessible and easier to prepare, leading companies to use additives and preservatives in food to ensure long shelf-life.

Today, many ready meals have a high number of preservatives, enough to represent, in the long run, a health risk.

Despite this, in many countries, including the UK and the US, ultra-processed foods account for over 70% of the total daily calorie amount.

The search for quality

In recent years, thanks to a growing demand for healthy food, proposals for high quality, fresh meals, without preservatives have increased.

These include the products of several Italian companies that, annually, meet at the Italian Christmas Fair at the Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Among the various exhibitors found place Delita, the only company offering this kind of quality, without the use of preservatives, or other additives, all encapsulated in a gourmet ready meal.

In addition, Delita’s main courses are slow cooked at low temperature, to enhance the quality of the ingredients and at the same time allow the maximum tenderness of the meat and seafood.

Know more about Delita from the words of Eva, our CEO, which was interviewed during the Christmas Fair.

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