Men have traditionally dominated the world of startups. Still, in recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of women’s leadership in driving innovation and creating successful ventures. Research has shown that women bring unique perspectives, skills, and sensibilities to leadership roles, which can significantly impact a startup’s success.


Different Leadership

One of the critical differences between men’s and women’s leadership styles is their approach to collaboration. Women are generally more collaborative in their leadership style, which can lead to better communication and teamwork within a startup. This can be especially important in the early stages of a startup, where collaboration and communication are essential to success. Women also tend to be more empathetic and have a more remarkable ability to connect with others, which can help to build strong relationships with customers, investors, and employees.


Conflict Managing and Creativity

Another important aspect of women’s leadership is their ability to navigate and manage complex situations. Women are more effective in managing conflict and handling difficult conversations, which can be crucial in a startup environment with often competing priorities and differing opinions. Women’s ability to remain calm and focused under pressure can also be an asset in a startup, where there is often high uncertainty and risk.

In addition to these leadership qualities, women are more likely to bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the table. This can foster innovation and creativity within a startup, as different viewpoints are more likely to lead to new and unique ideas. Women are also more likely to be attuned to the needs of a broader range of customers and stakeholders, which can be especially important in developing products or services that appeal to a diverse range of people.


The Barriers

Despite these advantages, women still face significant barriers in the startup world. There are still relatively few women in leadership roles within startups, and women-led startups often need more funding and support than their male-led counterparts. However, as more women break into the startup world and demonstrate their leadership abilities, we will likely see a shift towards greater diversity and inclusivity in this space.


Eva and Ana Maria: Delita and Green Apples Career

Recently Eva Pederzini and Ana Maria Velica had a conversation about startup leadership.

Since the beginning, Eva and Ana Maria, developing the realities of Delita and Green Apples Career, put creativity, passion and quality at the centre and addressed all the obstacles typical of startups.

Particularly by moving leadership closer to collaborating with each other and away from command.


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