In recent years, reducing food waste has become an imperative. In order to fight world hunger and save our planet. As the WHO has newly claimed, if the fresh food loss and waste could be inverted, we could feed nearly two billion people.
Not to mention, all the food-supplying related concerns, making the retailing industry even more precarious. Hence the major role an extended shelf life can actually play.

Preserving Freshness:

The extended shelf life in the Italian food industry is due to advancements in food preservation techniques. From canned tomatoes to dried pasta, various methods like canning, vacuum sealing, and dehydration are employed to preserve the freshness of ingredients while extending their longevity, allowing customers to taste the best dishes of the Italian tradition.

Delita, to name one, provides authentic Italian gourmet ready meals with a prolonged shelf life, whose numbers go from fifty-five to approximately ninety days, while keeping the product fully clean from preservatives or additives.

Time Savings:

One of the primary advantages of long-shelf life products in the Italian meal industry is their time savings.

With busy lifestyles and time constraints, preparing elaborate meals from scratch is only sometimes feasible. Long-shelf life products provide a convenient solution, as they can be stored for extended periods without compromising taste or quality.

This allows individuals to quickly assemble a delicious Italian ready meal by combining preserved ingredients, thereby saving valuable time in meal preparation.

Reduced Food Waste:

Another significant benefit of extended shelf life in the Italian meal industry is the potential reduction in food waste.

Fresh ingredients have a limited lifespan and can quickly spoil if not consumed promptly. This often leads to new elements being discarded, contributing to food waste. On the other hand, long-shelf-life products can be stored for longer durations, minimising the chances of spoilage and reducing the amount of food waste. Individuals can better manage their food inventory by utilising preserved ingredients, avoiding unnecessary food waste and its associated costs.

Convenience and Versatility and new dishes discovery:

Long-shelf life products also offer versatility in meal planning. They provide consumers with the flexibility to create a variety of Italian dishes whenever they desire without worrying about the availability of fresh ingredients.

Whether whipping up a quick pasta dish or preparing a traditional Italian recipe, the convenience of extended shelf-life products allows individuals to explore different culinary experiences, even on short notice.

As an example, by purchasing Delita dishes, it becomes possible to plan whole weeks of meals, preserving one’s free time and quality.


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