As the festivities have eventually hit, something we should definitely focus ourselves on is how good will I be at wasting as less food as I can?

Did you know that seven tons of food end up in the bin each Christmas in the UK alone? Let’s make this lovely time of the year the best ever trying to reduce food consumption.

We, for instance, really dug down deep to give rise to a meal – our production techniques make Delita the longest-lasting, additives free meal on the market – that could help your weekly meals’ planning and, consequently, pulling your own weight in fighting food waste.

This year, we thought to spread some holiday cheer via suggesting you how you could really make the difference arranging a responsible and eco-friendly Christmas.

An ‘avoid-food-waste’ list


Tip number 1 : create your buying list

Firstly – and, logically – make a to buy list which briefly enumerates the ingredients that your Christmas treats are made from. In order to save time, money and mental health. Who loves a last minute rush to the shops looking for that ingredient that someone will certainly steal under your nose…
And lest we forget the quality of the aforementioned… Be sure to purchase preservatives and additives free groceries only!
Just like Delita’s delicious chef-made meals…

You do care about your health, don’t you?

Tip number 2: plan your menus

Secondly, plan your your celebrations’ menus and draw a line. A starter, a primo and a main dish are more than enough. What will all those painful sessions at the gym be worth if you’ll stuff yourself like a turkey on New Year’s Eve dinner!
(Just a tip: have a look at our menu and, if you feel it could suit your family’s taste, don’t even bother yourself and let us do the work…!)

Tip number 3: freeze the leftovers to enjoy them later

Lastly, as we say in Delita, freeze what you haven’t consumed. Did you enjoy the lovely delicacies you’ve spent so much time working on to the point you’d do it again, extending the joy for a few more days? If the answer is yes, why would you throw them away?
Portion everything up, stick them in the freezer and turn the tv on. It’s time to cut loose!


Joking apart, we see food as the key to happiness. From quality raw materials we instantly fall in love with, to mouthwatering recipes that will make your festivities beyond magical.

So, if you’ll search your heart before spending money on unnecessary stuff, not only you’ll be able to properly enjoy this forthcoming festivities but, also, our lovely Earth will say thank you.

Wishing Happy Holidays and a lovely New Year to you all,

With love,

Delita Team.