When our founders gave birth to Delita, their philosophy was – and still is – to become the Ambassadors of authentic Italian cuisine to the UK and to the world.

Their passion for their country’s tradition has eventually led to think that not only it was possibile but also that, one day, it would have been easier and quicker than expected…but not less delicious!

Why Amazon Fresh for a Gourmet meal?

Our effort to offer the best service to our clients has brought us to try and find the leading partners, not only in the selection of ingredients and production but also, and particularly, in delivery service. We are always searching for new solution to be there when you need and at the time you need.

Now that Delita is available for purchase on Amazon Fresh UK, the true savours of the Bel Paese are within everyone’s reach. You can try our products with no effort whatsoever, relying on the world’s leading goods’ delivery service.

All you need to do is add them to your cart and choose your delivery slot (it might be same day if you order in the morning!). Then just relax and enjoy the experience our chefs have meticulously thought of for you, your family and your friends.

Where Amazon Fresh delivers?

Fine dining has never been easier to experience. If you live in the UK’s major cities like London, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Portsmouth, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry and Newcastle, you will benefit from a 24-hour or same-day delivery as well!

Where to find Delita’s Gourmet ready meals menu?

Here are a few treats we thought you might enjoy:

  • Sicilian-style caponata: CLICK HERE
  • Cuttlefish in a spinach and tomato stew: CLICK HERE
  • Slow-cooked Beef Cheek in red wine with celeriac puree: CLICK HERE
  • Slow-cooked chestnuts-stuffed Guinea Fowl in Marsala wine with braised cabbage: CLICK HERE
  • Aubergines and Courgettes Parmigiana: CLICK HERE
  • Slow-cooked Octopus with confit cherry tomatoes in a saffron potato cream: CLICK HERE

Click on the links above, place your first order and receive it as quick as you wish!

Or discover our entire collection in our Amazon Fresh Delita Brand Store by clicking



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