TheBestItalian Food

We are a New Generation of restaurant quality meals at home.

We are authentically Italian and yes, we are flavoursome, fresh and sustainable.
Discover our unique approach to bringing the most authentic Italian recipes, to you whenever you wish.

TheBestItalian Food

We are a New Generation of restaurant quality meals at home.

We are authentically Italian and yes, we are flavoursome, fresh and sustainable.
Discover our unique approach to bringing the most authentic Italian recipes, to you whenever you wish.

Our dream is to share our passion for authentic, delicious and perfectly balanced Italian cuisine.

The fact that our company is founded on positive values is incredibly important to us. Transparency and honesty are key, especially when it comes to the freshness of our food and ‘no additives’ approach to our products. We have the same belief when it comes to the quality and attention to detail that we put into our recipes, our commitment to sustainability and our attitude towards the environment.

We want Delita to be good for people, their mind, body and soul, delivering joy, and supporting health and wellbeing for as many people as we possibly can.

1. We are Italian, real Italian

Our menu is authentic. It combines Antipasti and Primi, with Secondi, and Contorni  and is the very essence of our art-de-vivre, rooted in Italy’s gastronomic history

Our food will transport to one of the best Italian restaurants, allowing you to embrace our gastronomic culture, as if you were part of our extended Italian family.

2. We are Fresh and Healthy

We never use preservatives, additives or colorants in our dishes.

Our methodical production methods are geared towards freshness. Our products are cooked at low temperatures and ‘sous vide’,to eliminate contaminants in a completely natural way.

Our starting point is always the use of fresh, Italian ingredients to create a real taste of Italy on every plate that we deliver.

The way we prepare the food keeps all the ingredients fresh and tasty, as if they were cooked in your own kitchen just moments ago, making you feel like the very best Italian chef, even if you are only heating up the plates.

3. Taste is everything

We’re not your archetypal ready meal.

Sampling our menu is an epiphany of all five senses. You start by ‘seeing’ a beautifully presented dish that creates anticipation for the taste experience that is to come.

The beauty of what you see is completed by the taste we deliver.

As soon as you open the packaging, our dishes smell amazing too, regardless of whether they’re hot or cold.

4. We work with the best Italian Chefs

We decided to work with renowned Italian chefs, to create superior quality Italian recipes and make them available to our customers on a daily basis

It is a pleasure for us to work with like-minded professionals, who dedicate their entire lives to making people happy via perfectly balanced, authentic Italian food.

Whatever dish you choose, our chef always gives you an additional recommendation to add that all important ‘finishing touch’, with ingredients that are easy to source oror usually found in your kitchen cupboard.

Our promise to you is that your family andr friends will be surprised and delighted at just how good a chef ‘you’ are, but don’t worry, we won’t let them in yourthe secret.

5. We make you discover our real Regional Cuisine

Italian food for us is so much more than just pizza and pasta,but has roots in the history of our country. Each region offers uniquely delicious dishes, that are representative of local flavours, historic recipes and cooking methods.

Italy’s culinary art and passion translates across a multitude of exceptional dishes, that you can only find in one region, possibly in one specific town.

It’s our dream to deliver cuisine that represent our culture and gastronomic ability, transporting you on a culinary trip around Italy, at your table, in a fresh, delicious and simple way.

6. Available every day and everywhere

We will deliver within 24 hours to a location of your choice, whether that’s in the comfort of your own home or at your place of work. We partner with Deliveroo, so if you need a quick and delicious meal while you’re working, you can have it within 90 minutes. But the best way of not missing out is to ‘Subscribe’ with us.

It gives you additional benefits, such as free delivery and hassle-free, meal planning for the week, all via a cost effective standing order. It’s flexible, so you can unsubscribe in minutes. But believe us – once you’ve tried our food, you won’t want to unsubscribe –  it’s that good.

7. Respect for the environment

We are proud to say that our packaging is fully recyclable, even the paper comes from sustainable sources.

The choice of packaging is hugely important to us. We wanted to combine the need for freshness with a respect for the environment.

We chose not to compromise on protecting consumer health and protect the environment. We’re very proud to have achieved just that, regardless of how long and difficult the production journey has been.

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Meet our team


Great quality food and drink has always been my passion

I grew up in Emilia-Romagna , one of Italy’s most prominent food focused regions. I remember as a child, prepping tortellini with my Nonna and Mamma. It was a moment of genuine happiness, where the quality of the ingredients were so fresh that I could eat those beautiful pasta pieces right there, even uncooked.

This style of Italian cooking, the ingredients and the know-how, is so easy to take for granted, but the problem comes when you grow up, leave the country as I did, and then expect the same quality of cuisine wherever you go … it was a shock!

While I was travelling the world with my work, I soon realised there was a common misconception of what authentic Italian food really was. It isn’t just about ‘comfort food’ – it’s about top-quality ingredients, delivered with a huge level of passion, even when cooked in the simplest of ways.

My background as a senior leader for FMCG and luxury brands, has sharpened my business and strategic skills in the areas I loved most, high-end food and drink. It was a natural progression for me to build a brand that represented my true passions, that was built created through my knowledge of what was missing in the market place.

“I thought Delita as the perfect combination of delicious fresh food from the country I was born in and our own lifestyle and passion, I’m so proud of.”


As with many Italians, I fell in love with food in my mum’s kitchen. As a kid I used to watch her for hours preparing amazing meals for our family and when I was old enough, I started to help out, preparing dishes for family celebrations.

In my late teens, I discovered a passion for fine wine and spent my free time studying to become a winemaker, an expert and professional taster.

When I graduated and finished my wine courses, I joined the ALMA, Italy’s best cooking school. My goal was to improve my wine knowledge even more and to develop the art of pairing dishes with complimentary wines. I was then introduced to Michelin star food and  started to travel across Italy and the rest of the world, eating in the very best restaurants.

Having turned two start-ups into highly successful companies, I decided to partner with Eva to create a business that could bring the genuine pleasure of eating authentic and delicious Italian food to everybody, not only those with deep pockets or great culinary skills, but to every food lover that demands it and for me, that is at the heart of what Delita represents.

“I lived abroad for many years, but I kept building my knowledge and passion for truly authentic Italian food. Delita for me is the real representation of my beloved Cucina Italiana.”

Our chef

When I was young, it wasn’t trainsets, footballs and cars that were my toys, it was saucepans, lids and utensils … they were my favourite playthings.

I would sneak into my mum’s kitchen and grab what I needed before taking flight with my imagination. It was my dream to create spectacular buffets, mouth-watering dishes and unbelievable desserts.

Having worked for numerous top restaurants and hotels, food magazines, and occasional TV shows, it’s true to say I love my job, I love my food and I love Italy.

The secret of good food lies in constant research of new techniques, an appreciation of the old, classic methods and the freshest seasonal ingredients.

It’s not just about foodie fads or trends, it’s about the meeting point of traditional and contemporary cooking. I like to present my dishes in a very personal and structured way, where the harmony is given form and colour, even before we get to the taste. Let’s not forget, we eat with our eyes first and foremost.

The combination of classical and modern is all important, but it will never overcome the one single thing that will always be the critical element for cooking, and that’s passion.

“Passion for food is what drives me and that’s what drives Delita as a brand.”